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Bangers & Lace

For this brewery, Bangers & Lace is less a bar/restaurant and more like the place you want to hang out at instead of ever going home.

A gorgeous ambiance provides a rustic setting that is all about the beer. For fans of good libations, this place is a must. You will walk through Bangers’ front door and see a different beer list each and every day. The people here are dead serious about the quality of beers they allow to flow through their lines, and breweries line up for the opportunity to impress. Thirty-two draft options can be overwhelming, but it's probably time for you to man or woman it up more often in your life anyway. Make a choice, indifference is not attractive.

You should get married here.

Behind the bar, you’ll come across some of the city’s most knowledgeable bartenders. The food is exquisite. And, if your friends don't like this place, you need better friends.

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