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Forget CNN. We can tell you what’s happening in the world. Some shit’s blowing up. Some is hitting the fan. Here’s your fleeting escape.

September 25, 2015

Each and every Friday we’ll post moments and happenings from the week in the world of SOB. We hope this gives you insight into what we’re about and a look behind the scenes at our little American craft brewery.

We won’t be selling. We won’t be pushing. We won’t be trying to convince you of anything at all. These are a few moments for you to relax and enjoy some beer. And let this serve as a reminder to us all that at least some of the time, that’s really all a brewery should be.

September 24, 2015

As you may have been able to feel by all the cool and crisp mornings, this week marks the beginning of fall. For many, this season begins with the next phase of the Digital Era as nerds everywhere line up for their shot at being an early adopter of Apple’s newest creation. For SOB this transition marks a shift of our seasonals to a more malt-focused complexity.

This one is always highly-anticipated and a regular on our annual calendar since 2012. Bright citrus and tropical fruit hop flavor takes on a rich caramel and oatmeal sweetness in this full-bodied Belgo-American ale. You’ll see Man vs. Internet on draft in limited quantities and in bombers around town at your favorite bottle shop. Nerd out on this beer and tell us what you think. It's also a good warmer to have a chat about the merits of artificial intelligence with your best friend or robot.

August 18, 2015

As the Conquest release nears, we thought it was time to fill you in on our collaboration with Patrick Rue of The Bruery and the beer itself.

When Solemn Oath was still in planning, we read Patrick Rue's blog about his efforts to open The Bruery, learning some important lessons through his experience. Since then, we've enjoyed many of his beers as much as watching The Bruery's rise as an important American brewery known for one-of-a-kind beers with delicate, complex flavor profiles rooted in the Belgian tradition. To collaborate with Patrick on a beer is an important moment for Solemn Oath, one that we'd like to take in for a moment with you.
Here's a Q&A with Patrick and our Head Brewer Tim Marshall. Details on release day are coming shortly, so check back soon.

July 15, 2015

Almost as much as making great beer, our brewery likes to tell a good story. Since our doors opened in 2012 we have woven threads of our beers into an ongoing and ever-evolving fabric of storylines. From our viking beers to the Snaggletooth Bandana line of IPAs, we’ve given our beers a life of their own.

Once a year since our doors opened we’ve developed a one-off beer that has been part of a series we haven't talked much about: The Seven Seals. To date, these beers have always taken a slightly American approach to the Belgian brewing tradition from which we draw a great deal of inspiration.
June 19, 2015

When our artist Jourdon Gullett was installing the massive mural that’s located in the front hall of our taproom SOB head brewer Tim Marshall entered to see what he was doing. “What is this, your pain cave?” Tim said. “I guess so,” replied Jourdon. “That’d make a pretty good beer name,” Tim mumbled as he walked away.

Back in 2014 we wanted to sprinkle in a new IPA we had been discussing for a while. It was just a fifteen-barrel batch and for the most part it was kept here in the comforts of our taproom. What we kicked out was Pain Cave, one of our fastest moving and most highly sought-after beers of 2014. When scheduling came around we decided to invest more tank time in its success. We decided to make six batches in total and offer in both draft and bomber format.

May 28, 2015

Je voudrais une croissant, Je suis enchante.

In 1886 the people of France gifted the USA a copper statue of mammoth proportions. Now, the French may have a reputation for being the camembert to America’s hard and sharp cheddar, but when they are brainstorming what to share with their brothers in arms they go big. Statue-of-Liberty big. It’s the same ‘round here.

In 2014 we released Foux Du Fafa for the first time to celebrate our second anniversary. We blinked and saw our wares disappear faster than you could say “au revoir mon amour.”

Now, like a good, steamy french kiss, it’s back as big, as wet, and as unforgettable as ever. Imperial Farmhouse IPA means as many things as you would think. Huge tropical fruit hop aroma jumps out immediately, followed by an earthy, peppery farmhouse yeast profile that wouldn’t be out of place in your favorite sessionable saison. It’s that funky farmhouse yeast that leaves this beer super dry but jam packed with layers of bitterness, tangy citrus (un peu de pamplemousse?) and tropical fruit (ananas!) hop flavor, with a powerfully fresh aroma thanks to some sturdy dry-hopping with Amarillo, Citra and Centennial. Sound good? Oui? Faisons l'amour! Rapidement! Santé!

May 14, 2015

It's been three years since we first started this incredible journey and it is time to raise our glass. Our annual Oath Day celebration has grown each year and we've put in a lot of effort to make this our best party yet. If you will be joining us and have a ticket, here are the details. If you missed out or simply can't make it, keep in mind we'll have some leftovers available on Sunday and there is always next year.

On Saturday your job is to have a good time. Make new friends, enjoy the beer, and destroy your older brother with a giant Q-Tip. Last year went swell, so again please keep our neighbors and the City of Naperville in mind when you're deciding how hard to party or how to party hard. We would like to continue to do this each year and just like Oath Day Two we need your help keeping things within the boundaries of such things as the law and good taste to continue to have this opportunity. In short, don't be an asshole.

May 14, 2015

Ever wonder why a brewery makes the beers it makes? Ninety percent of the time it's because they're making the beers they like to drink. That couldn't be more true when it comes to Hexafoos, our American-style farmhouse ale.

We've put this beer on tap before and kept it off menu just so it would stick around longer, hoping we could squeeze a few more shift beers out before you drank it all. We squirrel some away every year in the creepy crawl space below our brewery alongside live hostages from who we're contractually bound by our landlord not to disturb until Jean Claude Van Damme arrives. Point is, the brewing team at Solemn Oath loves this beer.

Up front, Hexafoos is full of earthy, peppery, and stone fruit aroma from our French saison yeast strain and pineapple-like tropical fruit notes from a blend of Galaxy and American hops. The flavor is citrus-forward with a smack of ripe peach in the mid-palate and a dry, fruity finish with moderate bitterness and effervescent carbonation.

May 13, 2015

It is that time of year again. The Oath Day cometh. And with our annual celebration comes the extraordinary efforts of our artist Jourdon Gullett.

Each year at this time Jourdon works tirelessly to develop the extra little things that give Oath Day that aesthetic boost (yeah Erin, we know you helped too). Pins, stickers, hats, tees, and this year a few extra pieces of stuff for your SOB collection.