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Frequently Asked Questions



1Do you filter your beer?
No. Nor do we centrifuge, but we use finings such as gelatin and Bio-Fine Clear for clarity.
2What do you do with your spent grain?
A local farmer picks up our spent grain and feeds it to his cattle, hogs, and chickens. We have also worked with academic institutions, such as the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), and helped them in their research to determine additional uses for spent grain.
3Who comes up with the names?
Our beer names are mash-ups of our collective personality forcing its way into the world.
4Who comes up with the recipes?
Our Director of Beer Ops and badass brewers.
5When will you bottle your beer?
We are already bottling our beer and have been since 2013 in 22oz bomber format.
6When will you can your beer?
We love to can. We can all the time. We offer majority of our beers in either 12oz or 16oz can format.
7Will you ever make sour or wild beers?
When the time is right, which will be when we can virtually eliminate the risk of contamination.
8How much beer do you produce?
We currently have the fermentation capacity for about 8,500 BBLs per year. We started at about 2,000-BBL capacity. We brew 30 BBLs at a time, mostly into 60 BBL fermenters.
9Can I purchase a keg for a party?
Bottles or cans are your best bet for now. We hope to offer kegs in the not-so-distant future.


1Who works at the brewery?
Twelve full-timers and a part-time taproom staff.
2What are your plans for expansion?
Knocking down walls. Adding fermenters. Barrels to the ceiling. A larger taproom. Off-site ventures. Changing the world, probably.
3There’s really a brewery in Naperville?
Yes. Is there really a rock big enough for you to live under?
4Can I work for Solemn Oath?
Maybe, but not right now. We are not currently hiring. We understand that you are ambitious, well-qualified, strong, and love to scrub, but we do not accept free labor either.
5Who does your artwork?
Jourdon Gullett is the local artist behind our dark and twisted art.


1So what’s the deal with the taproom?
2Do you have food?
No, but we have food trucks on scheduled days, and you’re welcome to bring or order food.
3Will you ever have food?
We will probably never have a kitchen in our Naperville space.
4Are there TVs?
Nope, never will be. We want to watch the game too, but not here. Here, it’s about the beer.
5Is there wifi?
Yep. Ask a bartender nicely and they’ll share the password with you.
6Where is the taproom located?
We can be tricky to find. Get your directions to 1665 Quincy Ave in Naperville, then find your way behind that building and you’re looking at 1661. That’s us. We’re in Suite 179 at the north end of the building.
7When is the taproom open?
Mon-Thu 12-11, Fri 12-12, Sat 11-12, Sun 11-11
8Can I rent out the taproom?
Maybe. Email erin@solemnoathbrewery.com for pricing and availability.
9Am I on the Beer For Friends board?
Take a look. If you’re not up here, you may be in the Book of Shame. Tsk, tsk…
10Who built the bar and shelving?
Greta de Parry makes concrete and metal sexy.


1Do you fill growlers from other breweries?
2How long will my growler last?
We recommend opening it within four days of filling and drinking it by the day after opening it. Your beer will go flat after being open any longer.
3How should I care for my growler?
Keep it cold and don’t shake it.
4What should I do when I’m done with my growler?
Rinse thoroughly with warm water and no soap. Let it dry and store with the cap off. Refill often.
5Will you fill my growler with any beer I want?
We currently only offer fills of our year-round beers - Lü, Old Faithorn, End All, and Snaggletooth Bandana. If we filled growlers of our seasonal and specialty beers, we'd run out super quick.

In the Market

1Where can I find your beer?
Keeping an up-to-date list of where our beer is on tap is a fool’s errand. Instead, here are some tools you can use:
  • #oathspots - Our top picks.
  • Beer Menus – Check the ‘updated’ dates to get a sense of how accurate the draft lists may be. In all instances, call ahead. Bar/restaurant-driven.
  • Untappd – Search for check-ins to Solemn Oath beers, but be wary; we’ve seen erroneous check-ins months after our beers have been out of market. Consumer-driven.
2Who distributes your beer?
Windy City Distributing in Illinois, General Beverage Co. in Wisconsin, and Night Shift Distributing in Massachusetts.
3When is your beer coming to my state?
We are currently only available in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Massachusetts.


1I’m a homebrewer and want some yeast. Can I have some?
We brew with yeast developed by Russian spies in the Nicaraguan jungle. Surely you understand we cannot share this treasure with the world.