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Trivia Night: Seinfeld

Where: Solemn Oath Brewery

If this truly is the “the show about nothing”, then this trivia should be pretty easy!

We’ll be picking apart all 9 seasons, sifting though the puffy shirts and the yada yada yadas, and asking some tough questions in an attempt to stump even the biggest Seinfeld fans. Bring your bizarro crew, even if they are anti-dentites, close talkers, not sponge worthy, man handed or just soooo good lookin’; you’ll need as much help as you can get to come out on top and win the first place loot.

For food we’re excited to have Doctor Dogs new food truck, Bangin’ Bites out for the first time from 5-9pm.

Some Seinfeld questions to get you thinking:

1) Elaine has many talents, including copyediting and recreational skiing. But, as we learn in season eight’s “The Little Kicks,” this skill is not one of them.

2) Midway through season eight, Kramer lost plenty of sleep, thanks to this fledgling fast-food chain’s giant neon sign.

3) Midway through season eight, what street gang does Kramer get involved with?

Answers: 1)Dancing 2)Kenny Rogers Roasters 2)The Van Buren Boys

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