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Oath Day 7 Tickets Go On Sale

Where: Solemn Oath Brewery


$20 – General Admission

If you’re coming to shop the market, if you’re coming to support your friends as a DD, or if you’re coming just to hang and have a beer or two then this is the level for you. We’re a brewery that will always push for accessibility, which as the market matures grows more and more rare.

$35 – GA with Beer

If you’re planning on a few pops and enjoy getting them for less money than a la carte, then here your friendly SOB at the gate will slap a three tab wristband above your hand for immediate access to three sixteen-ounce beers. Keep in mind we will not be selling wristbands day of and beer pricing will be $6 drafts.

$50 – SOB Style

Everything above will be included along with the return of the limited edition Lü stange glass and bottomless pours of our award-winning Kölsch. This ticket level is capped at 400.

$100 – Ultimate SOB Level (NEW)

Everything above of course but you also receive a pure fire super limited SOB anniversary goblet and you don’t need to worry about buying your beers that day as this level features all the fills you can handle. Only 100 tickets exist and these lucky few will have exclusive access to the Ultimate SOB Lounge with its own pouring station, cool down spot, and more.


This year will mark the return of inflatable things and more features of oddity still to come…


Tickets go on sale Thursday, April 4th at 12AM and online only. Please note that we changed our local laws last year and no longer adhere to a three beer limit, we’re all adults here so please be responsible.

We will post the link for tickets on this very page as well as on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. We listed Facebook last because fuck those guys and their plain text passwords accessible by anyone that works there.

Thank you for reading all the way to the bottom. The goal we have at Solemn Oath is simple. And maybe someday you will figure out what that goal really is. We’re going to change the world, probably. Enjoy.

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