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Lodi x SOB Present: Summer In The Stix

Where: Lodi Tap House

$15 – General Admission
This level gets you in the gate to enjoy the celebration, music, and everything else in between at an a la carte level.

$25 – GA with Beer
Upon entry at the gate the folks checking you in will slap a three tab wristband above your hand for immediate access to three beers. Redeemable at any pouring station and keep in mind we will not be selling wristbands the day of.

$40 – Lodi Style
Everything above will be included along with a handmade uniquely-glazed artisan mug by Kathy Westman that is yours to keep! If you’ve been to Lodi you know what we’re talking about but these mugs never leave the building, if you haven’t then this is a perfect first step.

Whiskey Fist
Dropped Once
Prichard Harter
Cream King
Tredwell Coffee
Kernel Dan’s Popcorn

The official after party and the cool down spot during the entire event will be at The Pub located about fifty feet west of the main entrance on Main Street.


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