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Erin Lowder

Director of Hospitality @ divider
January 15, 2015

On Monday, January 5th we shut down our taproom so that the SOB staff could all party together.

And man, oh man, did we party hardy. Like, we ate Gushers and danced on tables and stuff. You've gotta do that kind of thing every once in a while to maintain your sanity.

December 10, 2014

When you think of the number "50," many different things may come to mind.

  • A normal lens' focal length in photography is 50 mm.
  • There are 50 states in the United States of America.
  • "Five-Oh" (or 5-0) is a slang term for the po-po (police).
  • 50 is a calibre of ammunition.
  • There is a rapper named 50 Cent.
October 14, 2014

It is important to leave your mark.

I was invited to spend a few days with Timberland and VICE recently to be a part of their MarkMakers series. It gave me the chance to share what I love most about being part of Solemn Oath, the tight-knit Chicagoland beer community, and the best damn neighborhood in Chicago–trust me, we have the Map Room.
June 26, 2014

To take an oath is a serious thing. Taking a solemn oath is the most seriousest of serious. So serious, it makes you invent new words.

When we hit year one, we decided to inaugurate our own holiday of sorts: Oath Day. Only this holiday doesn’t mean you have to shoot the shit with your sister’s new ego-maniac boy toy in your parents' backyard, or pretend to be ecstatic when you open up a pair of lacy underpants from Grams. Hell, you don’t even have to exchange gifts. This holiday is about drinking beer with friends and strangers in our brewery, sharing stories, maybe playing some dodgeball or hopping on a mechanical bull. It’s a celebration of all things Oath. And that includes all of you SOBs.

May 1, 2014

Despite having flown a million times before (I’m exaggerating a bit), I still get quite nervous and my life tends to flash before my eyes during that initial take off. Sure, I had a Budweiser on the plane, but that simply wasn’t good enough.

I had really needed approximately twenty Budweisers, a Xanax, and a hand to hold… and I wasn’t about to hold John Barley’s hand. Even the thought of it makes me shudder. Luckily the flight was pretty short otherwise I might have been forced to give in. But, I finally did arrive in New York super enthused and sweaty-palmed.
January 28, 2014

Sure, we've all outgrown our "young and innocent" phase by now, but sometimes it's just fun to pretend that we haven't.

MOff and his wonderful wife Lise just had another baby. And as part of their adding another little SOB to the mix I asked our all of our taproom SOBs to bring in a few childhood photos. I chose the most embarrassing photo and had them recreate it in the brewery using only things that were "lying around." This is what we ended up with.

December 10, 2013

Stop. Do not order those fruit cakes.

We have new gear available in the taproom. Double-embroidered maroon beanies are $15. Barley strand on one side, Solemn Oath Brewery on the other. For the first time, our stemless bulb beer glasses come in sets of two ($12) or four ($20). Don't say we never did anything nice.

November 26, 2013

Black Wednesday is upon us and this bird is thrilled about it.

I know it'll be hard, but please try and refrain from drinking until 12pm. That's when we'll open up our taproom doors. We want you fresh, wide-eyed, and craving a brew.
November 22, 2013

Back before Solemn Oath beer ever hit taps, I thought I blew my chances of working there. I met John and Joe at Bangers & Lace for some feel-each-other-out beers and promptly got into it with one of their newly minted sales reps.

Goose was old news, he swore, hemorrhaging all its talent and cutting corners already, just a year after the sale to AB-InBev. Too many exciting new breweries were coming up for Goose to stay fresh and hold onto its tap handles while adapting to corporate top-down management. Their sales force was playing dirty with dollars. Goose Island was no longer Chicago's craft darling, and never could be again.

Bullshit. I called it then, I believe it now, and here's why: ten reasons you should be drinking the good stuff.