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Kuma's Corner

Brave the wait at Kuma’s Corner. You will be rewarded with one of the best things you’ll ever admit you have put in your mouth.

This Chicago staple is named after owner Mike Cain’s dog Kuma, which is Japanese for bear. This also means that if you don’t go, you will (and should be) shamed by your friends and family for all eternity. Half-pound burgers named after metal bands, an insane craft list with hard to come by draft beers, and build-your-own mac and cheese options will pull you in over and over again.

This should be holy land.

Similar to Joe’s hope for Solemn Oath, we’re pretty sure everyone who works here has to have a tattoo. The next time you’re here waiting for a table you can look for one of us belly up at the bar devouring a Pantera Burger.

Extra Offerings

Their tagline is Purveyors of Fine Bovine Genocide. Pretty simple, and very fitting.

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