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Tulip Snifter Nonic Bulb


A beer over 250 years in the making. Hobson pays tribute to the wild and gnarled bur oak that stood in DuPage county from approximately the mid 1700's until November 2016 when it had reached the end of its life and had to be felled. The Naperville Parks Foundation spearheaded efforts for the wood to be put to use and our use is of course to make beer. Along with Miskatonic and Hop Butcher we brewed an imperial milk stout and aged it in bourbon barrels on top of wood chips from the famous tree. The end result is a massively rich stout, full of chocolate, that has a smooth warming finish with just a hint of smoke. We think it's a fitting tribute to a true local icon.
  • Style: Barrel-Aged Imperial Milk Stout
  • ABV: 10.8%
  • IBU: 20
  • Serving Size: 9 oz.
  • Glass: Snifter
  • Food Pairing: Brown sugar glazed peach cobbler with French vanilla gelato